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I have been using the DRUMBOOTS for over a month and I must say I am extremely satisfied with it. A really great idea. I’ve been looking for one of those for years, by the way.

Thomas Froschauer

the Yam-FC4 is great, fits perfectly and the pedal stays where it is – ingenious

Andreas Vanurahttps://

PIANOBOOT arrived today – tried it out – cool! I will recommend you!

Richard Geppertwww.richardgeppert.dehttps://

Bye bye f****** Rug”!!! No more dragging dusty carpets, no more chutes on stage or in the studio! Why did the Austrians come up with it again??? Cool thing the DRUMBOOTS. Yeah!

Dirk Erchinger, the groovemaster made in germanywww.dirk-erchinger.dehttps://

I’ve tried the pedal boots a few times now – they really work perfectly. Congratulations I’ve never needed the bass drum feet attachments before, as the base for the bass drum pedal was sufficient and held everything great in place. Even with a cheap pedal that doesn’t have a base plate, it worked great (even without the bass drum feet).

Manuel Höfer Drums @TyTender, executive assistant of Brucknerorchester Linz/Austriahttps://

Hello guys, I had the pedal boots with me on tour and they will be my constant companion. Saved my ass every evening just when I have to fly with little luggage. Cool product, never again carpet. Fits in the cymbal or snare bag and you are absolutely safe at every gig. MUST HAVE! That’s all I can say, every drummer should always have it with him. Thanks, Udo Masshoff

Udo Masshoffwww.masshoffdrums.comhttps://

PEDALBOOTS® – the revolutionary solution – MADE IN AUSTRIA –  for guitarists, keyboarder, cellists and drummer to fix and protect their effectpedals, sustainpedals, cellos and drumkits in any situation they need them.

The origin of PEDALBOOTS® is in Linz (Upper Austria). The idea of the inventor and CEO Peter Vollath was to create a professional alternative to anchor floor effect equipment, without the use of glue or tape and without damage during the mounting as well as protecting the equipment during transportation. Due to the great demand through hard-working musicians, this idea was developed. In the mean time PEDALBOOTS® are available for just about all floor effect equipment.

It soon turned out that keyboarders and drummers as well as percussionists and cellists were having problems on the stage as well as in studio. The constant sliding of the sustain-Pedals under the keyboard and the sliding around to the drum sets, the percussion instruments or cellos while playing was a much talked about subject in the music scenes. With the development of the PIANOBOOTSDRUMBOOTS and CELLOBOOTS, a solution to this problem was found that until then could only be solved with the use of Gaffa-Tape, heavy rugs or by damaging the floors.

By now PEDALBOOTS® are known to well-known professionals in the  USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Germany among others and are used daily as well as „on-the-road“.

A simple model out of modelling clay is used as template for the production of the prototypes. The version of PEDALBOOTS® produced today was first modelled in this way, and was introduced to the world for the first time in 2010 at the Frankfurt Music Fair.

A short resume of the advantages of PEDALBOOTS®

  • A problem free gig for guitarist, keyboarder, drummer and cellists from one source
  • No more slipping or badly attached pedals
  • Instant change of equipment on board
  • No constant searching of the sustain pedal under the keyboard
  • Perfect protection of the equipment on stage and during transportation
  • No adhesive tape residues or soiling of the pedals or the floor
  • Perfect lifetime quality through non-smelling high-end material (Industrial-Elastomer), which never fads or loses its firmness
  • The sound of the drums is not effected in studio as well as in live situations
  • All products can be washed with clear water

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